Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s day to all lovely ladies out there, especially to all my badass and crazy friends! I am lucky to have surrounded myself with such awesome power women! Us women, we are not quite yet where we want to be, but together we will get there, I know this! A special thanks to my mom, who is the strongest woman I know, and raised me to believe in myself, and that I can do whatever I aim for in life! Thank you, mom,<3

//Oikein ihanaa naistenpäivää kaikille ja erityisesti kaikille mun badass ystäville! Olen onnekas sillä olen  ihanien mahtavien naisten ympäröimä!  Me naiset emme ihan vielä ole siellä missä haluamme olla, mutta yhdessä pääsemme sinne, tästä olen satavarma! Erityinen kiitos ihanalle äidilleni, joka kasvatti minut olemaan oma itseni sekä uskomaan itseeni ja siihen että voin tehdä mitä vain elämässäni.  Kiitos! <3

Nora, and I – this girl is so inspiring, studying to be a kickass lawyer while being the head of the boad of student association Codex. The things she’ll do!!
Mareike and I trying desperately to make the iconic heart shape by hands during sunrise in San Sebastian haha – Women stick together!
My ladies whom with together we are stronger! Both so kind and friendly, while kicking ass in the business world!
Climbing up Montserrat with my girls in Barca was such an empowering moment!
Sini said some of our footage from Blockfest 2017 would be better shielded from the public eye but let the world see who we are as we are!
Nora and I with little baby Sofía – a little power girl!
Blockfest 2017 with Marianna & Aino, miss these crazy gals!
Berlin with my kickass friend Julia, such a power woman!
My ever crazy Romy, beautiful and bright!
Running with this gal since 2014 – such an inspiration with her power woman career!
Sina and I at a festival up in Montjuic in Barca. We go crazy because we can, we can be ourselves, no matter the situation ^^

There are many amazing women in my life, unfortunately,  I don’t have a picture with all of them (well some, but they include black masks haha), we need to change this girls! 😉

I’ll end this post with some wise words by my friend Julia “I don’t love you more today than any other day, but every other day I love you just as much as today”.

Happy women’s day lovelies! Xx

– Emma Camilla

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